Blueacre Seafood: CHEF Rick Graham


What is Blueacre Seafood all about?
“Here at Blueacre Seafood we’re trying to present beautiful fresh northwest seafood with simple ingredients. We’re doing Chef Kevin and Teresa Davis’ vision of Northwest seafood prepared simply and beautifully with the freshest ingredients. We focus on sustainability and it’s always been a core” component of our vision.”

Any tips for new diners visiting Blueacre?
“We love to participate in Dine Around and it’s a fun chance to present a different number of items for people who haven’t been here before. We try to present a variety of items with a little bit of a different menu look from lunch and dinner”

What influences you?
“I’m influenced of course by the bounty of the sea here in the NW. I spent a lot of time in Alaska and the northwest, I love Salmon and I love the seasonal cycles of salmon and the availability of so many different kinds of wonderful local seafood we have to offer here in the northwest. It’s unique and like nowhere else in the country. We really have something to be thankful here in the northwest.”


Check out what Blueacre Seafood is serving up this Dine Around Seattle!

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