ORFEO: CHEF Kevin Davis


Can you tell us a little about your Dine Around menu?

We’re actually going to do the $22 menu. It’s going to make it incredibly accessible for people who haven’t had the chance to eat here yet. A couple of things are spectacular, but I’ll tell you right off the bat we have an heirloom beet salad where we’re getting these wonderful beets from Whatcom family farm, we’re doing that with a sunflower seed pesto. We have a very great, authentic version of poppa pommedoro, which is a great late Autumn tomato soup, very rustic with lots of breads, garlic and onions with heirloom tomatoes and finally the coup de gras is a 6-minute egg.

Another thing I think is really special is we’re doing a wild boar Bolognese sauce. We’re going to do that on roasted polenta and that’s one of the appetizers so you’re going to get a chance to have our wild boar, which has kinda become our signature dish.

Next, my favorite pizza, is the Carmen. It’s going to be a 10 in Carmen pizza that’s got homemade fennel sausage, calabrese sausage, serrano chile and mama lil’s chile and fresh basil.

We’re also doing pork cheeks from land rock farms. We’ll have a slow braised pork cheeks served with the bluebird farms farro risotto. We’re going to do some autumn vegetables in that as well.

Over the past few years, we’ve become kinda known for our vegan pizza. We’ve built this relationship with the guys over at Field Roast so we use their plant-based chorizo at my other restaurant steelhead ad we’ve been using their plant-based Italian sausage for the vegano pizza. So we thought we would do something different this year. We were going to do a rich sauce made out of the mushroom Field Roast and cook it like a Bolognese.

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