All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar

Located on the site of what was a tackle and bait shop in the 1930s, All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar draws inspiration from the materials and tools once sold here. The new concept celebrates Seattle’s maritime industry, which you’ll see everywhere from the portraits of fishermen to the articulated shelves. With details like worn wood and white brick, the rustic design evokes the simplicity of a fishing boat plying the seas for a fresh catch.

1000 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

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Dine Around Seattle Hours:

Sunday - Thursday 3 - 11pm

Customers may choose to order just one item from the Shellfish Showcase dish options or they may order more.

Dish One
Oysters on the half shell
please ask your server for our local selections
$3.50/ea, $20 for 1/2 dozen, $36 for dozen

Dish Two
PNW Chowder
Fresh Catch, Clams, Sourdough Croutons – $8 / $12

Dish Three
Clams & Mussels
grilled andouille sausage, preserved lemon, vermouth, fresh oregano, baguette – $17 / $30

Dish Four
traditional fishermen’s stew with today’s fresh catch, clams, mussels, potato, celery, preserved lemon, fresh herbs, grilled baguette – $28