Bar Cantinetta

We are a Seattle Italian restaurant specializing in Tuscan culinary traditions, authentic hand-made pasta, and seasonal organic ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.

2811 East Madison St.
Seattle, WA, 98112

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Dine Around Seattle Hours:

Sunday - Thursday 5 - 10pm
(closed Monday)

The below menu represents items served during the March 2017 event.
Please check back in the fall for updated Nov 2017 menus.


Bar Cantinetta is serving three items, one from each offering, for a fixed priced of $33.


Offering One

Gem Lettuces
pistachio, grapefruit, stacchino

radish, pepper jam, fettunta

radicchio, golden raisins, pecorino


Offering Two

Pappardelle alla Bolognese

Salame Piccante Pizze
San Marzano, mozzarella fresca

foraged mushrooms, farm egg


Offering Three

Espresso Chocolate Cake
caramel crisp, white chocolate gelato

mascarpone, ginger sugar, nutella

Meyer Lemon Torte
meyer lemon curd, whipped mascarpone

Bar Cantinetta is proud to work with the following local farms and producers:

Painted Hills, WA

Taylor Shellfish, Olympia, WA

Olympic Mountain Ice Cream, Shelton, WA

Drapper Valley, Mt Vernon, WA

Sterino Farms , Puyallup, WA