Cicchetti Kitchen + Bar

Cicchetti, Serafina’s sister restaurant, boasts exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, unique specialty cocktails and an extensive wine list. With beautiful views of Lake Union and downtown, Cicchetti is the perfect place to experience the flavors of the Mediterranean with distinct Seattle flair.

121 E Boston St.
Seattle, WA, 98102

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Dine Around Seattle Hours:

Monday – Thursday 5pm – 12 am


Duo of Cicchetti: Select two of the following

House-pickled vegetables

Smoked eggplant fritters, feta buttermilk

Castelvetrano olives, pickled chilies, orange, mint

Tabbouleh: bulgur, pomegranate, blood orange, pistachio

White bean purée, preserved lemon, za’atar served with house-made flatbread

Pomegranate muhamarrah served with house-made flatbread


Select one of the following

Baby Lettuces, Rainbow Beets, Kumquats
pistachios, juniper-white balsamic vinaigrette and chèvre

Oven -Roasted Brussels Sprouts
sunchockes, brown butter labneh, paprika gastrique, toasted pepitas and watercress



Spiced Falafel
Lebanese toum, fennel, apple, pomegranate & dill

Winter Mushroom Barley Risotto
smoked hazelnut romesco & fines herbes

Moroccan Brick Mad Hatcher Chicken
preserved lemon-dill potatoes, crème fraîche, green chermoula & Aleppo honey



Spanish Churros
espelette sugar & sherry caramel 

Spiced Rice Pudding
poached quince & candied puffed rice

Gelato or sorbetto