Salt & Iron: CHEF Alex Marek


Favorite local source?
“We love Taylor shellfish, we get all our oysters from them, we get our clams and mussels from them. They’ve come in and done staff education a few times and gone through all the different types of oyster varieties and they’re a great company to work with. They’re a huge provider for the world, but we like ‘em because they’re local too.”

What inspires you about being a chef?
“I like being able to come in and come up with new things. The best part about being a chef is looking for local ingredients, fresh ingredients, and then bringing them in and playing with them and finding the best way to utilize them and new ways of presenting them to guests.”

Advice for trying Salt & Iron for the first time
“Be adventurous. We have some items on the menu that people might tend to shy away from and I just encourage everyone to try our dishes, try everything and come with an open mind.”

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