Steelhead Diner: CHEF Anthony Polizzi


Tell us a little bit about Steelhead Diner
“Steelhead Diner has been a part of the Pike Place market for about ten years now. It’s a great casual fine dining restaurant, that kind of atmosphere. Really focused in on the quality of ingredients, making sure the details are there in terms of utilizing those ingredients and putting something on the plate that is really showcasing the finest of the season. Just being able to drop into Pike Place market is truly a luxury to be able to utilize seasonal ingredients showcased in the market throughout the year.”

Tell us about your DAS menu
With Dine Around Seattle happening in the Fall, our menu is written to showcase ingredients that are essentially at their peak in terms of quality. For instance our dinner menu we’ll be doing this really great butternut squash soup. It’ll have a little bit of coconut milk to really round out the flavor profile and add a little of a green curry cream as a garnish that we’ll actually be drawing from the little Asian market downstairs. We also have these baked pacific oysters that are stuffed with breadcrumbs, some parmesan cream, and a really great Pernod butter. Through the middle of the menu I’ll be showcasing things that really speak to the season and really brings value to the plate, which is what Steelhead Diner is really about. Not just creating awesome items and nourishing people but by the same token bringing a certain value to the guest experience here from service to the quality of product to the actual technique put on the plate.


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