Tango Restaurant: Owner Travis Rosenthal


What’s the featured dish?
It’s a moqueca dish, a Brazilian seafood stew. It’s a perfect fall time dish. It’s a seafood stew made with coconut milk, dende oil, which is a palm oil. It has a little farofa on top for a little bit of crunch, which is from a cassava root. In the stew itself we’ve got scallops, tilapia, some prawns, calamari and you mix that all together and put it over rice. It’s one of our favorite dishes at Tango!

How does this dish represent you?
Cassava is a very south/central American ingredient; we use it a lot where I come from, which is Nicaragua. This dish for me hits home. We (in Nicaragua) cook a lot with coconut milk. Stews, beef stews, boar stews, seafood stews, coconut milk just adds that depth of flavor that brings the whole stew up a notch.

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