Toulouse petit: CHEF Robin Posey


Tell us a little bit about Toulouse Petit?
“Toulouse has been here since 2009. It’s been really interesting to watch. It’s evolution as a restaurant really concentrated on the creole/Cajun French quarter classics into a much more diverse menu. It’s really become a neighborhood favorite as well as a destination place. In that way we have two really different style diners commingling.”

Tell us a little bit about your DAS menu
“This time during our DAS run we’re doing drinks at night instead of 3 dishes. Now we’re offering cocktails and wine as well which I think is really going to mix it up and make a really interesting dining experience”

Any tips for diners visiting your restaurant?
“Really encourage diners to think about every restaurant they go to as an opportunity to create a new favorite that they’re going to return to after the promotion has ended.”

Check out what Toulouse Petit is serving up this Dine Around Seattle!

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