Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar

Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar features specialty items like alderwood plank salmon and Dungeness crab, hand rolled sushi, award winning wines and hand crafted cocktails. Chef John Howie offers the freshest choice in seasonal NW fish, seafood, steaks, and produce.

205 108th Ave NE, Suite 100
Bellevue, WA 98004

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Dine Around Seattle Hours:

Sunday 5 - 9 pm
Monday - Thursday 5 - 10 pm

Customers may choose to order just one item from the Shellfish Showcase dish options or they may order more.

Dish One
Pacific NW Dungeness Crab Sushi
Nigiri Style – Fancy Dungeness Crab Legs. $12

Dish Two
Maki Style – Dungeness Crabmeat, Yuzu Tobikko,
Avocado, Wasabi, Cucumber, Crispy Walla Walla Sweet Onion, Salmon Roe. $16

Dish Three
Totten Inlet Mediterranean Mussels
garlic, onion, tomato, parsley, crostini. $16

Dish Four
Hood Canal Butter Clams
Lap Cheong sausage, ginger, shiitake, baby bok choy. $17

Dish Five
Taylor Shellfish Washington Coast Geoduck
fresh Geoduck clam, sashimi. $18
fresh Geoduck clam, nigiri. $11

Dish Six
Pacific NW Dungeness Crab Legs
brandy, garlic, butter, lemon, puff pastry, parsley. $19

Dish Seven
Washington State Oysters
Served with Spicy Sambal Cocktail Sauce or Mignonette

Olympia Oysters – Olympia Oyster Co. $3
Olympia, WA

Baywater Sweet Oysters – The Baywater Shellfish Co $2.50
Hood Canal, WA

Treasure Cove Oysters – Emerald Acres Oyster Co. $2.50
Oro Bay, WA

Shigoku Oysters – Taylor Shellfish Farm $3.50
Shelton, WA

Dish Eight
Jones Family Farm, Lopez Island, WA
Singing Pink Scallops
Pesto, Parmigiano, Pine Nuts, White Wine, Garlic Bread. $28

Dish Nine
Pacific Oysters Roasted in Shell
½ Dozen, smoked gouda sauce, bacon, black-eyed peas, kale $26

Dish Ten
Shellfish Linguine with Saffron Sauce
Totten Inlet Mussels, Hood Canal Clams,
Pacific Dungeness Crab Legs, Lopez Island Singing Pink Scallops. $32

Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar is proud to work with the following local farms and producers:

Taylor Shellfish
Olympia Oyster Co.
The Baywater Shellfish Co
Emerald Acres Oyster Co
Taylor Shellfish Farm
Jones Family Farm